Personal Reflections

In Like Manner, Thou Art That Man…

Like God used a story through Nathan the Prophet to bring King David to the sorrow and pain of his adultery and murder, He used a story written through William Paul Young to do the same for me.

On the way to the grave of McKenzie’s daughter, Jesus says to me, “Mac, you know what you need to do.”

Mac knew Jesus was asking him to forgive the man who kidnapped and murdered his daughter.

As I experienced that moment of the story, rage welled up within me, and my heart screamed, “no way should Mac or I forgive this man.”

Holy Spirit quietly said to me, “You are just like this man.”

With these few light-filled words God reminded me of the time when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, and I immediately said to her, “You’re going to have it aborted, right?”

A few weeks later I took her to an abortion clinic and we asked them to remove our child from her womb; to murder the person God was forming within her. I am no different than the man who murdered Mac’s daughter. Maybe worse because I decided to have my own flesh murdered.

But my story doesn’t end there, and neither do your stories. Jesus died for what I did when I was a teenager, 2000 years before I did it.

I am grateful that through Jesus blood this sin, all my sins are forgiven and Father now sees me as holy and blameless. Our child is in heaven, where I look forward to one day joining him, and being with him forever.

The story I was reading is from the book, The Shack, written by William Paul Young.

Click here to read a summary of The Shack. #RecommendedReading

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