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Preparing For Launch: J3 Khai Restoration Ministries, 508c1a

Hello, Friends! The following message is from a post I shared in the fundraising campaign that Connie created to help raise funds for establishing nonprofit status for what will now be called J3 Khai Restoration Ministries.

I’m very excited to be taking the necessary steps for J3 Khai to become an official entity that allows me to provide tax receipts for the donations you so generously share with our family of kingdom Ambassadors.

If you are a nonprofit ministry leader yourself, I invite you to learn more about the 508c1a corporation structure, and consider making the transition to a 508c1a for your own ministry. The benefits are tremendous, and I will be happy to tell you what I have learned from Destiny 508 concerning this matter.


A Message From Michael
July 4, 2021
Dear Friends,
J3 Khai Restoration Ministries (J3Khai) is on its way to becoming a legal and recognized Non-Profit. Destiny 508 is going to ensure our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, board structure, and financial accountability are neat, clean, and organized at a discounted rate of $2,400. (Includes filing fees, training, and mentoring fees)

I want to operate J3Khai legally as a faith-based organization in order to “maintain a clear conscience with God and Man.”

Thank you Connie very much for creating this campaign. I could not do it without you. HooYah
Michael J. Weiss, Sr. 
J3 Khai Restoration

When You Are Ready to Register, Destiny 508 Services Does it All

What’s included when you register your new 508c1a Faith-Based Nonprofit with Destiny 508?

Most people are familiar with 501c3 to be able to offer tax deductible receipts to your donors but did you know there is a second legal way for churches that is a lot simpler?

At Destiny 508, we help Christian ministries and churches create a nonprofit status under tax code 508c1a. We really love the simplicity of the 508c1a model and we believe you will too.  The 508c1a option is a  privilege we have in the United States tax code as faith-based organizations which allows us to eliminate time consuming reporting requirements and retain freedom of speech in order to share our message without government restrictions. 

Below are what is included in your filing fee when you work with us to Register your 508c1a Faith-Based Nonprofit. 

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Connie’s House has been approved as a Destiny 508 Affiliate, so she will receive an affiliate commission if you make your purchase using her link. (at no cost to you)

She appreciates your support of her efforts to develop her publishing company, where she will offer fundraising and marketing services for the household of faith.

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