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Do You Need Someone Safe To Talk With?

Josh and Naci, at “Safetime,” are two of the safest people I know!!! I know this because I spend time with them each month myself, as does Connie’s House, who introduced me to SafeTime.

They may not have experienced the same life circumstances that you have faced, but they have experienced great pain individually, and as a couple. Their shared life experiences have equipped them to listen, emphasize, and offer a caring heart when you need to talk about painful experiences that are causing emotional turmoil in your life.

Their understanding of deep emotional pain is the reason they created “Safetime,” which is a ministry that provides a safe place where you, from anywhere around the world, can spend 45 minutes talking with them about the things you need to talk about.

Due to family circumstances, Josh and Naci are currently unavailable for Safe Time calls. I will share an update about the presence of Safe Time as it becomes available.

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