Happy Passover

During the first Passover the families of Israel were under a stay at home order also. Their protection that night from the last plague, the death of the first born child and beast, was lambs blood on their door frames. When the LORD say blood on a door post he told the angle of death to passover that home, but when he didn’t see any blood he gave the angle of death permission to kill the first born child and beast.

I celebrate Israel’s salvation in Egypt and celebrate the opportunity for all mankind to be saved from death for life eternal. According to Jesus in John 17:3 eternal life is knowing our Heavenly Father, the one true God, and Jesus. Eternal life is a relationship with our loving powerful creator who invites us to call him Father like Jesus did.

Father’s invitation to have a relationship with him, through Jesus and with the help of Holy Spirit, is hand written to you in Jesus’s blood. Wherever you are right now, you can turn your heart toward heaven, ask Father to forgive you for everything you have done wrong in Jesus name and he will forgive you and make you his child.

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