Happy Passover and Resurrection

Watch the Movie “Jesus” Free, April 10, 11 and 12

I love their announcement poster, its a beautiful moment is Jesus, and Peters, life. After Peter was walking on water, like Jesus, he got distracted by the wind and the waves. When he moved his focus away from Jesus he began to sink and cried out to Jesus for help. God tells us through the Gospel writers that, “immediately” Jesus reached out and saved him.

As Chaplain Richardson used to say towards the end of his messages, “What’s the so what of what I have shared,” the so what of what I just wrote for me is; When I am distracted and take my focus away from Jesus and begin to be overcome by the circumstances and cry out to Jesus for help he “immediately” helps me.

His help has been a peace that he is with me, a phone call from a friend, a letter or email, a bird singing, cloud formation, dolphins swimming near me while surfing, Darlene’s smile, our Granddaughters laughter and many other ways.

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