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Daily Blessing and Congrats to Patti and Her Team for Celebrating the Start of Their Fourth Year!!!

Yehovah bless you and keep you;
Yehovah make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
Yehovah lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

Sunday, 21 Heshvan 5781/8 November 2020

The Hitching Post Educational Center
Hickory Trading Company
Unleashing Potential by Equipping, Educating and Empowering Others, removing the “Dis” from “Ability.”

3nd Anniversary Celebration – Saturday November 7
 WE’RE TURNING THREE! That’s right, join us November 7 as we celebrate the start of our fourth year of bringing you awesome coffee and cool artisan gifts while supporting special needs families in the coolest little shop in the 300 block of Johnstown Road.

“Hickory Trading Company is my favoriate coffee in the Hampton Roads area with a great business mission!!!” Michael Weiss

There are ways you can help them remove “Dis” from “Ability.”

Friends for Families Fundraising Program

 During their celebration Saturday, Nov 7th, they kicked off a fundraising program called Friends for Families. We have families with vital issues that need our services, but some families do not have part or all of the extra money to pay for the services.

The Friends for Families Program will provide scholarships for those in need. Imagine the situation where a child is being held back in school because mandated services are not provided and the parents need someone to advocate for them, but they can’t afford to pay.   

We are looking for individuals, businesses or organizations that can be a friend to these families by donating to the program.  All donations will be used for scholarships and will not go to administration costs. Sign up through our Website on PayPal and have a one-time or monthly amount withdrawn from your account or Credit/Debit card. There is no extra cost to you or us for the PayPal donation process. 
 You can Donate by 

  • Coming to the store and dropping off a check or put on credit card,
  • Monthly send a check to Friends for Families, 357 Johnstown Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322.
  • Online – The Hitching Post Education Center Web home page (https://www.hitchingpost.org) upper right donation button. or
  • At this PayPal Link.

The Families will be thankful for your generous giving. Contributions are tax deductble.

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