Recovery Updates

Michael Is Out of Surgery

I’m happy to let you know that Michael is out of surgery! The doctor says the surgery went as planned, with no complications, and his heart function looks “great.”

He is on his way to the ICU, and I know he will be grateful for your continued prayers. I will share again as updates on his condition are shared.

Thank you again, for praying. We are all grateful for the gift of his life, and celebrate the prayers of intercession that were sent on behalf of Michael and his entire family.

God bless you, and thank-you, to all who have prayed!!


on Michael and Darlene’s behalf.

2 thoughts on “Michael Is Out of Surgery”

  1. Thank you, Jehovah Rapha, God Our Restorer, for renewing Michael’s heart. He’s got plans for you my friend. Shalom


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